Can I use AmigaBasic on an A1200?

   AmigaBasic was (the only Amiga-Programm) developed by Microsoft
and has several bugs hence.

   Nevertheless you can run it on an A1200, if you keep the following
in mind:

  1. Run NoFastMem (i.e. disable FastMem).

  2. Switch off system's audio in Audio Prefs.

  3. Prevent SUBs and use GOSUBs instead. It gives your
     programs a higher compatibility to more recently prozessors.

  4. There is a patch you should at begin of AmigaBasic:
            ---------------------------------- CUT HERE -------------------------------
             `" AmigaBASIC patch to let AmigaBASIC work on A1200 and other newer machines.
             `" Start at the beginning of AmigaBASIC or invoke AmigaBASIC with this program

             OPEN "AMIGABasic" AS 1 LEN=1
             FIELD #1,1 AS d$
             i&=&HF3*256+&H87 : PRINT i&
             GET #1,i& : a$=HEX$(ASC(d$))
             PRINT a$
             IF a$="79" THEN
                 LSET d$=CHR$(&H78)
                 PUT #1,i&
             END IF
             CLOSE 1
            ---------------------------------- CUT HERE -------------------------------

   Andreas Mixich,

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