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Java/DOS game (with source code!)
Download System Language Author Date
McTris (Java) 0.2 (15kB) platform-independent java-applet English Manuel Haim 17-Mar-2004
McTris (DOS) 0.8 (15kB) PC MS-DOS/Windows English Manuel Haim 17-Mar-2004
Java applet was developed using j2sdk1.4.2
DOS version was developed using Borland TurboPascal 6.0

~~Welcome to McTris (Java Edition) v0.2!~~

-What's it all about?-
Well, we all know cheating... but have you ever wondered what
it would be alike to play the classic game TETRIS eternally?
Here comes McTris. It has a fixed fall-down rate of 350ms.
Can you stand playing it on and on?
Sometimes it seems to be a good method to determine how awake
and powerful you are today. You even can think about a lot of
things while playing. Nevertheless, I suggest you to stop
around 100.000 points - this shows you're absolutely fit now
and should use your power for more meaningful actions.

RETURN or SPACE starts the game, ESC or Q quits.
In game, use the arrow keys LEFT and RIGHT to move the stone,
UP to rotate it clockwise and DOWN to let it fall.
The key P pauses the game, any other key resumes.

The monotonous use of the arrow keys can harm your body. You
should consider to alternate your doings and not play too long.

-Who did it?-
McTris was written by Manuel Haim in March 2004. There's also
a MS-DOS and a WINDOWS version available. Check out my homepage

McTris is released as open source software. This means, you can
view and alter the source code as you want, as long as you do
not create any commercial product based on this code.
Of course, any use of McTris is absolutely free.

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